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Firemiser™ Insulated Fire Door UL Listing Information

Fire Door Sizes

Classified for openings up to 13'6"W x 12'H or up to 162 sq. feet in area. Doors 50'W x 40'H, not to exceed 1,200 sq. feet are eligible for Oversize Labels. Product size limits apply. For a further description of Oversize Fire Doors, see UL category GSNV.

UL Listing Information Reference Chart

Cornell Product UL Product Category UL Category Control Number UL File Number Rating Canadian Category Canadian Control Number
Firemiser™ Insulated Fire Doors Rolling-Steel Type Fire Doors GSVV.R1422 R1422
4 HR, 3 HR, 1-1/2 HR, 1 HR or 3/4 HR Rolling-Steel Type Fire Door Certified For Canada GSVV7.R1422


Acoustical Testing Reports - Sound Transmission Class (STC) Rating

Firemiser Insulated Fire Door's fire resistant minderal wool insulated curtains provide a sound transmission class STC 27 rating. Test results based on testing a complete, operable door assembly.

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