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Smoke and Draft Control Products

Fire Doors (Model ERD11)
Insulated Fire Doors (Model ERD21)
Counter Fire Doors (Model ERC11)

SmokeShield® products add tested smoke and draft control to Fire Doors and Counter Fire Doors. Use to protect interior corridors and smoke barrier openings or any opening where life safety is a priority.

Labeling: UL Classified for fire protection and the loss of property, and also UL, “S” leakage rated assembly labeled for smoke and draft control.

Curtain Materials: Galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in gray or 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish. Additional Material and Finishes information

Mounting Alternatives: Approved for both face of wall or between jambs mounting conditions.

All SmokeShield units will be supplied with the following:

All SmokeShield products are required to be signaled to close by local smoke detectors or a central alarm system. Coordinate alarm system interface with a M100 motor operator system or a FireGard release device.

SmokeShield® Fire Doors

Model ERD11
30' wide, 25' high standard construction. Large Openings to 34' wide, consult factory.
Additional Information, Cornell Fire Doors

SmokeShield® Firemiser Insulated Fire Doors

Model ERD21
Openings up to 30' wide by 22' high. Large Openings to 34’ wide, consult factory.
Additional Information, Cornell Insulated Fire Doors

SmokeShield® Counter Fire Doors

Model ERC11

Size: Openings up to 16' wide when height is 7' 6" or less. Openings up to 12' wide when height is 10' or less.
Additional Information, Cornell Counter Fire Doors

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