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Side Folding Grilles

VisionGlide™ Model ESG30, GlideGard™ Model ESG32, VistaPane™ Model ESC31

Brick Pattern Side Folding Grille

Side Folding Grilles and Closures provide security and access control in openings with low headroom conditions, offering an effective traffic barriers with high visibility. Available in three models and nine configurations to meet your security, aesthetic and budget requirements.

Track: extruded heavy-duty aluminum section 1 3/4" high by 1 5/16" wide track mounts to the overhead structure to support the entire unit. No floor track is required. Track required for curved openings has a standard 14" radius: 90°, and 135° curves are standard, custom radii and angles offered. Multiple connecting sections can be incorporated. Bi-Part available.

Manual push / pull operation.

Side Folding Grille and Closure Benefits:


Side Folding Grille and Closure Options Include:


Side Folding Grille and Closure Brochure

Grille Application Brochure

VisionGlide™ Side Folding Grilles
Model ESG30

Straight Pattern Side Folding GrilleAn effective traffic barrier that allows high visibility. With a hang weight of 1.2 lbs. per square foot, VisionGlide is an ideal solution to install on limited supporting structures. The curtain is formed with a series of vertical 5/16" diameter aluminum rods on 3.5" centers. Horizontal chains formed of eyeletted aluminum links are spaced at 12" apart. Vertical hanger rods mounted to rollers that slide in the overhead track support the curtain. Excellent for floor to ceiling dividers in public spaces such as offices, hospitals and lobbies.

VisionGlide™ Standard Features:

Curtain Patterns: VisionGlide™ Straight, VisionGlide™ Brick

GlideGard™ Side Folding Grilles
Model ESG32

Brick Pattern Side Folding Grille, Counter UnitHeavy duty construction provides a higher level of security. Individual panels interlock by full height hinge members. Fully concealed hinge rods protect from vandalism. Recommended for use behind storefront glass and where high strength with ventilation is required: food courts, schools, sports complexes and public transit.

GlideGard Standard Features:

Curtain Patterns:

VistaPane™ Side Folding Closure
Model ESC-31

Slotted Side Folding ClosureStandard Features:

Slotted and Perforated Panels:
Perforated with a pattern of slots that provides high level security with visual access and air flow. Interlocking components prevent forced entry. Lighter than glass inserts; requiring less bulkhead support and easy to operate. Excellent for storefront applications.Perforated Panel Side Folding Closure

VistaPane™ Slotted

  • 13 Gauge Fully Anodized Slotted Aluminum Panels
  • 1 1/4" x 1/4" oblong slots
  • Extruded insert fits into framing hinge extrusion for superior security
  • Maximum Height: 20' 0"
  • Airflow Through Closure: 20%
  • Airflow Through Panel: 30%

VistaPane™ Perforated

  • 3/16" Perforated 18 Gauge Steel Panels
  • Maximum Height: 14' 0"
  • Airflow Through Closure: 39%
  • Airflow Through Panel: 47%

Glass and Lexan Panels:
Clear, shatterproof Lexan® or tempered glass inserts allow unobstructed views while providing solid security and blocking refuse, odor and smoke. Glass Panel Side Folding Closure

VistaPane™ Lexan

  • 1/8" Thick Lexan Panels
  • Maximum Height: 14' 0"

VistaPane™ Glass

  • Clear Tempered Glass Panels
  • Maximum Height 12' 0"

Solid Panels:
Full height aluminum panels and heavy gauge dedicated extrusions deny visual
access and provide solid security.Solid Panel Side Folding Closure

VistaPane™ Solid

  • 13 Gauge Clear Anodized Solid Aluminum Panels
  • Maximum Height: 20' 0"


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