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SentryGate® Grilles

SentryGate®3 Model ESG20, SentryGate®4 Model ESG21

SentryGate, a patented Cornell Product, is an alternative to traditional rolling grilles or counter grilles featuring a unique curtain comprised of injection molded components and continuous metal rods. See our Grille Application Brochure.

Watch the SentryGate Grille video to learn more.

Two configurations: The SentryGate is available in two models:

Operation: Standard Motor, hand crank, or push-up designs available. Concealed tube motor operation provides a solution for aesthetics or strict dimensional limitations around the header that lend themselves to a smaller, compact operator - consult Cornell for size limits.

SentryGate Benefits:

Curtain Material: Combines high strength injection molded components with continuous metal rods spaced every two inches. Its attractive brick pattern design is 65% open for high visibility and ventilation. The smooth curtain components are safe for employees and customers, and are available in black or white matte finish.

High Cycle Grille, Parking Garage Grille

100,000 Cycle Life Extreme SentryGate Grilles

Product solutions that meet exact performance needs. Extreme cycle life grilles have been tested and proven to meet the level of performance required.

Features: curtain is black or white polyester/polycarbonate links in a brick pattern configuration with 2" rod spacing. 3 Phase Cornell SG operator. 100,000 cycle springs and greasable bearings.

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