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Insulated Fire Doors

Note: UL325 Standard requires covering moving components of all exposed motors mounted at or below 8 feet in height. Cornell's UL325 Compliance Recommendation

Download the M100 FireGard™ and FireGard™ Closing Systems for a full description of Cornell Fire Door Closing Systems.

M100 FireGard™ Closing Systems Data Sheet

M100 FireGard™ Electric Motor Operated Systems
Model FS, cULus listed, FM approved M100 system operator; part of a reliable, slow closing fire door system that never needs to be mechanically reset and features easy system testing at the floor level. Open drip-proof motor, removable without affecting setting of limit switches. Centrifugal governor. UL listed thermal overload protection. Solenoid brake. Planetary gearing capable of being driven backwards or forwards. Rotary limit switches. Transformer with 24 volt control secondary. All integral components pre wired to terminal block. Automatic closure activated by fusible link or central smoke / fire alarm system. Doors do not require a releasing device when activated by alarm signal. Doors shall be fail-safe and close upon power failure. Resetting of spring tension or mechanical dropouts is not required. Upon restoration of power, replacement of the fusible link or clearing of the alarm signal, doors shall immediately reset by opening with the push button.

HP: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1 1/2, 2, 3, 5
Voltage: [115v single] [230v single] [208/230v three] [460v three] phase service

Recommended for all fire doors where the convenience of electric M100 FireGard Motor Operation is desired.

Optional F-BBU Battery Back-up System to M100 Model FS motor operators to add a four hour time of door open time in the event of a power failure. Can power local detectors and warning appliances. Allows for programming open/ close obstruction cycling should the sensing edge encounter a stationary obstruction in the opening during AC power alarm signal closing.

View Cornell's M100 FireGard™ video

A full line of FireGard™ Closing Systems with simplified reset fire doors is also available. These systems close fire rated door without releasing spring tension or disengaging the operator drive mechanism. They are recommended for: openings not in a pedestrian thoroughfare, where connection to a central alarm system or local detectors is not required by local building officials, or where installation of fu si ble links, turnbuckles, chains and eyebolts to the face of both sides of the wall above the opening will not detract from the intended aesthetics of the opening.

FireGard™ Motor Operated Systems
Model FMG cULus listed, Totally Enclosed Non Ventilated gear head operator rated for units that normally cycle up to 20 times per day. Fire door system closing is activated by melting of fusible link. Average closing system speed is not less than 6 inches nor more than 24 inches per second. System reset procedure is to replace and reset fusible link.

HP: 1/3, 1/2, 3/4

Voltage: [115v single] [230v single] [208/230v three] [460v three] phase service
Available where the convenience of electric FireGard Motor Operation is desired in the above FireGard Closing System conditions for fire doors up to 225 square feet, insulated fire doors up to 165 square feet.

Fire Door Closing System Accessories

Sensing Edges Options for Coiling Doors Document

Specialty Operators are available. These conventional systems release spring tension and require mechanical resetting by a trained door system technician.


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