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Hospitality covers a broad category of facilities including hotels, resorts, casinos, and restaurants. Cornell offers multiple products that can address the various needs of a Hospitality facility. Here you'll find common applications of Cornell products and supporting information to help you provide the right solution for your project needs.

Food Courts Food Courts
Food Courts

The most common application in food courts is a Counter Door at a food serving station. Be sure to consider requirements for fire rated countertops wherever fire rated counter doors are required. Other options are SentryGates Grilles or Counter Grilles – both providing access control while allow visibility.

Securing food courts after hours can be accomplished can be accomplished by using our Rolling Security Grilles or Side Folding Grilles and Closures.

Separation Separation
Multi-Use Areas / Space Separation

Hotels, resorts and casinos often have large, multiuse rooms that frequently need to be segmented into smaller sections. TranZform Accordion Partitions quickly, easily and cost effectively transform a large room into two or more independent spaces. TranZform Sound provides unparalleled sound control in addition to providing privacy and security separation. TranZform Space is the right solution in areas where convenient separation of space is desired, such as off hour pedestrian control, closets and storage areas.

Retail Areas
Retail Areas

Access control and off hour security on openings while still allow visibility to merchandise can be accomplished by using our Rolling Security Grilles or Side Folding Grilles and Closures. Available in various models and multiple configurations, we have a grille that can fit the aesthetics and budgetary requirements of a Retail application.

Service Entrances
Service Entrances

Facilities such as hotels, resorts and casinos manage large amount of materials and supplies, creating busy dock receiving areas. Cornell’s Service Doors offer reliability and durability for this common product application. Thermiser® Insulated Service Doors provide the security of a rolling steel door with the added benefit of helping to maintain climate control.

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