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July 29, 1828

The New York American announces that George Cornell and Samuel B Althause took over Benjamin Birdsall's business and formed Cornell & Althause, manufacturers of plain and ornamental ironwork.





A trade advertisement for J.B. & W.W. Cornell highlights railings, fire-proof chests, grates, fenders, and bedsteads that feature, “durability and freedom from bugs”.





J.B. Cornell patents a method of joining metal slats for revolving shutters for store windows.






1856 John Black Cornell, 1821-1887

J.B. Cornell patents a metallic surface for fireproof partitions that would support plaster. This invention enabled the construction of high-rise fireproof buildings. “That the large increase in the use of iron for fire proof architecture is attributable to the Messrs. Cornell no one can doubt who examines the files of the patent office”. This same year, the brothers added a foundry to their plant.



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