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Counter Fire Shutters, also known as Counter Fire Doors

Model ERC10

Fire-rated rolling counter shutters, also known as fire-rated counter doors, secure openings using smaller (and more aesthetically pleasing) guides, slats, brackets and hoods than traditional rolling fire doors. Rated counter shutters protect interior corridors and create barriers for openings where life safety is a priority and can fully close to the floor when compact door components are desired.

Counter Fire Shutter Listings: UL 3 HR, 1-1/2 HR, 1 HR and 3/4 HR Classified labels. Counter Fire Shutters are listed with the Office of the California State Fire Marshal.

Sizes: Fits openings up to 16’ wide when height is 7’6” or less, or openings up to 12’ wide when height is 10’ or less.

SmokeShield® Counter Fire Shutters: Add optional UL Classified smoke and draft control to counter fire doors. Containing smoke saves lives and building property and also aids in fire containment by slowing oxygen flow to the fire source. It's simple to double up on the protection of your building and may be required by your local building code. Click for more information on SmokeShield Counter Fire Doors.

Material and Finishes: curtains are available in 22 gauge galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex™ finish in gray, powder coating as an available option, or 22 gauge 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish. Galvanized steel endlocks are provided per UL procedure. Additional Material and Finishes information

Counter Fire Shutter Mounting:Rated walls: masonry or drywall with metal or wood studs.

Operation: M100 FireGard Tube Motors are concealed in the Counter Fire Door's shaft assembly making them ideal for openings with tight clearances around the coil area or to neatly conceal the operator and drive components, avoiding the need for bulky covers. Safe and reliable M100 FireGard™ Tube Motor Operators automatically close Counter Fire Shutters without releasing spring tension or disengaging the operator drive mechanism, providing simple automatic closing system testing and resetting. Available for Counter Fire Doors up to 14' 0" wide, 9' 0" high or a maximum of 90 square feet. M100 bracket mounted motor, chain or crank operating systems are also available. Push up is available for Counter Fire Doors up to 80 sq. ft. where usage and testing is infrequent.

UL Classified 1 1/2 Hour Countertops: when used in conjunction with fire rated counter doors, countertops must also be fire rated. Cornell offers UL classified countertops in two materials:

Rolling Counter Fire Doors with Integral Frame and Countertop

Model ERC20

Cornell’s Rolling Counter Fire Shutters with Integral Frame and Countertop are assembled and welded at the factory for a seamless, custom-built look. Units may be fitted to pass window openings without field assembly, becoming an important time saver.

Listings: UL 1-1/2 HR, 1 HR and 3/4 HR Classified labels.

Built-In: Openings up to 10’ 10” COW x 6’ 4” COH
Slip-In: Openings up to 11’ COW x 6’ 4-1/2” COH

Smoke Gasketing available: UL listed perimeter smoke seals / UL tested vinyl astragal are available for providing protection against smoke infiltration at head, guide frames and sill.

Mounting: Use in rated walls, masonry, rated drywall (wood or metal studs) in wall from 4-1/2” min. to 12” max. thickness. Between Jambs Slip-In units are set into finished walls. Between Jambs Built-In units wrap around finished walls; installation is done while wall is being constructed.

Operation: Manual push-up operation available.

Material and Finishes: Curtains are available in 22 gauge galvanized steel with exclusive GalvaNex® finish in gray powder coating optional, or #22 gauge 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish.

Countertops: Integral 300 series stainless steel with #4 finish countertops are standard. Separate UL labeled plastic laminate countertops available. Or, choose a No-Countertop option for openings with an existing countertop.

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