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Arts and Entertainment

Facilities that house art or that host entertainment events have various needs for security and closure solutions. Balancing property protection while allowing appropriate egress of occupants is a key concern, as is preventing unwanted access to areas after hours. Cornell offers numerous products that can meet these application requirements. Learn more about common product applications in Arts & Entertainment Facilities below.


Space separation in auditoriums can be accomplished with use of Cornell’s TranZform Accordion Products. TranZform offers the flexibility to address curved stage fronts and can address fire code requirements, sound control needs, egress and ADA requirements. For advanced sound attenuation, choose TranZform Sound Accordion Partitions which offer an STC rating of 45. Basic space separation can be accomplished with TranZform Space Accordion Partitions.

Concessions Concessions

The most common application for concession areas and food courts is a Counter Door at a food serving station. Be sure to consider requirements for fire rated countertops wherever fire rated counter doors are required. Other options are SentryGate Grilles or Counter Grilles – both providing access control while allowing visibility.


The right product for corridors must provide security and separation control from public areas. However, there must also be a consideration for safety and egress to allow for alternate means of escape should a fire, public disturbance or other emergency situation arise. The CrossingGard Emergency Response Grille addresses both security and egress, immediately responding in an emergency situation by automatically opening and allowing for safe escape.  Other options are our Rolling Grilles and our Side Folding Grilles and Closures.

Fire Containment
Fire Containment

Protecting a facility and its occupants against the spread of fire is undoubtedly a major part of any project. For facilities that house art or host entertainment events, balancing property protection while allowing appropriate egress of occupants is even more of a concern.

Cornell’s Advanced Fire Systems and Rolling Fire Doors help to address this design need by automatically closing in the event of fire detection. Explore our Firemiser Insulated Fire Door to meet multiple design needs, with UL rated fire protection plus security, sound attenuation and environmental separation. Rolling Fire Doors are designed for daily use to provide security and access control. Our SmokeShield products address the need for smoke control with UL labeled perimeter smoke seals.

Service Entrances
Service Entrances

Busy receiving areas require products that are durable and reliable throughout their life cycle. Cornell’s Service Doors offer reliability and durability for this common product application. Thermiser® Insulated Service Doors provide the security of a rolling steel door with the added benefit of helping to maintain climate control.

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