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Cornell’s TranZform Side Folding Accordion Products are available for minimal headroom openings of virtually any width. Available in three models: TranZform Fire, TranZform Sound and TranZform Space.

TranZform® Sound Accordion Folding Partition-School

Accordion Folding Partition, Model ESP20

In addition to providing privacy and security separation, Cornell’s TranZform Sound units offer unparalleled sound control. Its double track / double wall panel design allows both interior walls to be completely covered with continuous blankets of sound absorbing material. TranZform Sound achieved an STC 45 when tested to today’s ASTM E90 standards by an independent laboratory. When Noise Isolation Class (NIC) field tested in the same opening as a competitor’s product that claims the best sound control in the industry with a higher listed STC rating, Cornell’s TranZform Sound product emerged as the acoustic control champion.  more...

TranZform® Space

Accordion Folding Partition, Model ESP10

Though similar in finished appearance, TranZform Space units feature a single wall panel construction in a finish as selected by the end user. Use in areas where convenient separation of space is desired, but fire control or higher level acoustic control is not a concern, such as off hour pedestrian control, closets and storage areas.  more...

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