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TranZform® Stock Finishes

Sound and Space models only

In addition to durablity, ease of operation and low maintenance, Cornell products satisfy your long term aesthetic requirements. Along with its array of wall panel finish options, TranZform's colored vinyl connecting hinges and powder coated upright members compliment your selected panel finish. Neutral flat black top and bottom sweep seals compliment any panel finish.

Please note: Finishes below are a representation only. Individual monitor calibration can affect color appearance. Contact Cornell for a color accurate swatch when colors are critical.

Stock Finishes

Almond -

Embossed Weave

Driftwood -
Embossed Weave

Vanilla Cream - Embossed Leather


Readily Available Finishes - Extended lead times, no added cost

Antique Blue -
Embossed Weave
Colonial Green - Embossed Weave Rouge -
Embossed Weave

Blush -

Embossed Weave

Granite Gray -
Embossed Weave

Matte Black -


Steel Gray -
Embossed Leather

Light Oak -
Wood Grain

Dark Oak -

Wood Grain


Custom Finished Wall Panels to match a custom provided finish are available, but may extend lead time and add to project cost. Consult factory for details.

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