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Trim Package Available for a Finished Look on Doors and Grilles
New Strip Curtain Option (New or Retrofit Doors)
RDP (Rolling Door Protector) Prevents Damage to Coiling Doors
Air Infiltration Sealing System Now Available as Retrofit Kit

At Cornell Iron Works, we understand that downtime is costly. When you need a repair part for your rolling door, security grille or counter shutter, you need it quickly. Cornell can respond with fast delivery for all of your replacement part needs. We offer superior technical support to assist you in determining the right parts for the job. Our offering is continually expanding, so contact us to discuss your repair part needs.

For immediate electrical, technical and service assistance, you can now call our toll-free service phone number, 1 844.582.7029, which will connect you immediately with an associate from our Service Excellence Team. You can also reach our team by email at

Cornell provides off the shelf and custom engineered part solutions, including: 
Complete curtains Spacers Collars
Replacement slats Springs Hoods
Grille rods Barrels Brackets
Bottom bars Angle Guides
End locks Pipe Locks
Wind locks Sprockets Weather seal
Grille links Chain Operators

Trim Package Available for a Finished Look on Doors and Grilles

Exposed bolts and guides on service door and grille frames often take away from a building's finished look. In applications where exterior aesthetics are important, such as hotels, condominiums, convention centers and parking garages, the addition of a trim package can cover unsightly hardware and contribute to the building's architecture. Trim packages are custom-made, using folded steel to hide visible bolts and guides, resulting in a more upscale and seamless presentation. A trim package for new and installed service doors, counter doors and grilles can be powder coated in a variety of custom colors to match the curtain, and is a minor upgrade that can make a noticeable difference at visible openings.

Find more information here

New Strip Curtain Option (New or Retrofit Doors)

Is your customer looking for greater energy savings in their buildings? We are pleased to offer a new strip curtain option, which blocks 67-70% of airflow in or out of an open doorway. This option creates an insulated barrier and is typically used with doors that constantly remain open due to high traffic. Most strip curtains pay for themselves in energy savings in the first year! The strip curtain attaches to a powder coated, heavy duty steel mounting assembly that can be easily mounted onto the guides of your new or existing doors. Specifically designed for rolling doors, the strip curtain complements the aesthetics of your opening, providing a clean overall appearance.

Other benefits include -

Strip Curtains provide the most benefit in 'clean applications' such as food processing plants, supermarkets and retail establishments. However, they can also be used in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, distribution centers, and any place where environmental separation from wind, weather, noise, dust, fumes, odor, insects or other elements is needed. Contact our customer service team for additional information and for pricing.

RDP (Rolling Door Protector) Prevents Damage to Coiling Doors

Fork truck impacts at or near the head of a coiling door can cause considerable damage, create the potential for personnel injuries and render the door inoperable. Impact damage is an even greater concern with coiling fire doors, which may not be able to react in an emergency, resulting in the catastrophic loss of property and life. Cornell's RDP (Rolling Door Protector) eliminates fork truck damage to coiling doors by creating a safety yellow barrier that can absorb impacts across the head of the door.   Contact our customer service team for additional information and for pricing.

Air Infiltration Sealing System Now Available as Retrofit Kit

The exclusive patent pending sealing system developed for Thermiser Max® Insulated Rolling Doors to meet the ASHRAE® 90.1 and 2012 IECC® Air Infiltration requirements is now available as a retrofit kit to provide air infiltration reduction and energy saving benefits to existing Service and Insulated doors. Designed to minimize air infiltration and thermal transference through openings, the sealing system includes custom designed seals for the guides and lintel that reduce air infiltration by 85% as compared to standard products. Thermally broken guides further reduce thermal transference. The Air Infiltration Sealing System is intended for use in openings where maintaining environmental separation on each side of the door is necessary and/or desirable. Contact our customer service team for additional information and for pricing.

Curved and OHD Replacement Slats

Cornell Iron Works is pleased to announce an expanded replacement slat offering to help support your service business. We are now able to offer a curved 3” slat as well as a slat that is compatible with the Overhead Door F-265 slat. Both slats are available in various lengths and pre-punched to accept end locks.  These slats are available for service and repair applications only. Complete doors are not available.  Orders will be available loose or fully assembled.  Contact our customer service team for additional information and for pricing.

Retrofit Fire Door Operators

Cornell also offers retrofit Motor, Hand Chain or Hand Crank operating systems for existing fire doors. Explore this time saving and cost effective solution for replacing outdated fire door release mechanisms. Our retrofit fire door operators can be used to convert existing fire doors into state-of-the-art, automatically resetting fire doors. These advanced operators can be retrofit to most manufacturers doors while maintaining UL certification.

Visit the retrofit fire door operator page to learn more.

Fast Delivery

Any order for standard, off the shelf items placed before noon EST is eligible for same day shipment. Orders for off the shelf items placed after noon EST will be shipped the next business day. Orders for items constructed of special materials or finishes and items requiring engineering will have separate delivery terms. Please contact us for additional details.

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Cornell's service team is ready to help you determine the right parts required to bring you back to full operation faster. To help us better assist you, please review our assessment form. This information will help us provide you with the correct parts for your repair needs. For your convenience, download our Service Evaluation and Safety Inspection form to help increase efficiency in the field.

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For general inquiries, contact Gary Tombasco. For specific repair questions, technical support or to place an order, please call our customer service team at 1 844.582.7029.

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