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Retrofit Fire Door Operators

The simple solution to existing fire door frustrations

Conventional, old style fire doors with poorly governed closing systems may actually create hazardous conditions where safety is needed most. By retrofitting Cornell Motor, Chain or Crank operating systems on existing fire doors, improved life safety and functional benefits can be achieved while still maintaining UL certification.

Retrofit Operators:

FireGard™ Retrofit Operators:

Improve Operation While Maintaining Your Existing Rating
Untested drop out mechanisms on existing fire doors can prevent the door from closing properly during an emergency. These antiquated systems can descend at rates exceeding 24” per second, create a hazardous condition for occupants, and are costly to test and reset. FireGard Retrofit Fire Door operators can be installed on most manufacturer’s fire doors to control the rate of descent not to exceed 12” per second and allow testing to be performed as frequently as desired. FireGard chain and crank operators are Factory Mutual (FM) approved. A full line of safety accessories are available for use with FireGard operators.

M100 FireGard Motor Operated Systems Automatically closes fire doors during building alarm, smoke detector activation, or power failure. Rate of descent will not exceed 9” per second. After restoring power or resetting alarm, the door can be opened by use of the push button station, key switch or other activation device. May also be configured to self-cycle to the fully open position following automatic reset without requiring human intervention.

Features and Benefits:

The Decision Is Easy
Cornell makes it simple for facility managers to eliminate the nuisances of old style fire doors while protecting productivity, property and personnel.

Find the Cornell Distributor in your area. They would be happy to inspect your fire doors and provide you with the most safe and secure operating solution.

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