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LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a voluntary, consensus-based national rating system for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings developed by The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

The LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations Rating System guides and distinguishes
high-performance commercial and institutional projects. The Rating System consists of six categories, listed with Cornell’s contribution toward them as follows:

  1. Sustainable Sites. This category is not applicable to the use of Cornell products.
  2. Water Efficiency. This category is not applicable to the use of Cornell products.
  3. Energy and Atmosphere. This category is not applicable to the use of Cornell products.
  4. Materials and Resources

    Materials and Resources Credit 4: Recycled Content

    Cornell product components contain Post Industrial and Post Consumer recycled content as listed below. Please note that Product Type and Product Size determine final Recycled Content calculation results. Precise Recycled Content information can be provided when dimensioned products are identified, excluding TranZform®, Side Folding Grille Products and Extreme® Performance Rubber Doors. The precise post industrial and preconsumer values are calculated by internal programming systems based on the build sheets for each door.

Cornell Recycled Content, All Products Except TranZform Accordion Products, Side Folding Grille Products and Extreme Performance Rubber Doors, 2012

    • Prepainted Steel Curtain and Hood Material

      7%     Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

      23%   Post Consumer

    • Structural Steel Bottom Bar Angle

         17%     Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

         83%   Post Consumer

    • Structural Steel Guide Angle

         40%    Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

         56%    Post Consumer

    • General Steel Components in Shafts and Brackets
        33%    Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

          0%       Post Consumer

    • Stainless Steel, #4 Finish only, in Curtain, Hood, Bottom Bar and Guides

      67%    Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

    • No recycled content in Aluminum
    • No recycled content in Structural Stainless Steel Guides
    • No recycled content in Galvanized Grille Rods or Stainless Steel Grille Rods

TranZform® Accordion Products Recycled Content 2012

    • Aluminum Extrusions, Vinyl Extrusions

      75%    Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

      10%    Post Consumer

    • Slats, Metal Hinges, Formed Steel Lead Posts and Jamb Attachments

      25%    Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

      25%    Post Consumer

Side Folding Grille Products Recycled Content 2012

    • Aluminum Extrusions

      80%    Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

      10%    Post Consumer

Extreme® Performance Rubber Doors Recycled Content 2012

    • Unpainted Structural Steel Construction

      9%    Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

      90%  Post Consumer

    • Extruded Aluminum Guide

      9%    Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

      21%  Post Consumer

    • Lintel Brush Seals

      0%     Post Industrial (Pre-Consumer)

      100% Post Consumer

Materials and Resources Credit 5: Regional Materials

Cornell products excluding Side Folding Grilles and Extreme Performance Rubber Doors are manufactured in Mountaintop, Pennsylvania, 18707 USA

  1. Indoor Environmental Quality. This category is not applicable to the use of Cornell products.

Note that all Cornell finishes are applied by the time the product is shipped. No finishes or paints are applied to products on-site. VOC information is not applicable for LEED EQ 4.1- 4.4 credit.

  1. Innovation and Design Process. This category is not applicable to the use of Cornell products.

*LEED is a trademark of The U.S. Green Building Council.

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